Your standards are high. Just like ours. We therefore are selective in engaging in dialogue with those candidates who want to progress their career in digital B2B marketing & sales with whom we expect common ground and a mutual ‘click’. Candidates with clear added value. Reciprocal investment in time, knowledge and inspiration then comes natural.

What is DutchmarQ?

DutchmarQ is a network in B2B inbound marketing & sales. Our motto: “rather 1 enthusiastic customer than 10 indifferent debtors”. That’s why we believe in 100%: both in terms of dedication and commitment and in terms of customer retention. We therefore continuously strive to 100% customer appreciation. And we are prepared to swiftly and openly admit errors and resolve these as quickly as possible. Preventing them to reoccur, naturally.

Please note: as we expect all our colleagues to be (at least) bi-lingual (Dutch next to English), the vacancies shown below will direct you to further information in dutch.

Current openings

Vacancy: Partner B2B Online Marketing

Vacancy: Intern B2B Online Marketing

Get to know us?

We have put this step to an first digital rendez-vous by sharing one or more profiles in B2B sales or marketing. Now it’s your turn. You decide how. You may of course submit a black-and-white resume. We actually do expect a business card that really stands out from the crowd. A first connect that befits your personal background, preference and drive.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please do send us your message here!