What is dutchmarq?

Dutchmarq enables B2B companies to achieve better, international growth thanks to its network of senior professionals & proven solutions. Dutchmarq helps to produce commercial success by means of hands-on program management and training in B2B inbound marketing & sales. Our perspective is unique and combines combining inbound sales, sales enablement and customer psychology.


Dutchmarq is convinced B2B players too need to better use the power of content, data-driven business and customer psychology to (continue to) make a difference. New marketing & sales are ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ based, using content and custom-made advice instead of advertising and billboards.

Technology is not leading in making this change, yet it does facilitate. Also in the 21st century business in essence remains ‘people business’. The smartest – ‘from a distance’ – understanding and interpreting of customer needs increasingly impacts growth and survival in business-to-business markets as well.

The B2B buying process changes like crazy

Research (SiriusDecisions, MarketingSherpa) shows that today’s prospects and customers have completed more than half of their buying journey – sometimes up to 70%! – entirely by themselves, not wanting or appreciating help from an account executive or sales manager.

The internet, social networks and contacts with peers and colleagues provide an enormous wealth of information in the search for useful information and solutions. Should one push harder in the final 30% of the buying journey? Or is it way smarter to get in digital touch earlier, while earning trust step-by-step?

Business drive

The old way of marketing and sales no longer work. And too often lead to an enormous amount of waste in the commercial process and in transaction-based, short-term business relationships. That may be quite entertaining in a 1992 movie, yet fails to address the 21st century commercial challenges you face.

Dutchmarq was founded from the drive to make new, digital sales and marketing really work in business-to-business. Thereby contributing to the most outstanding B2B companies that make an impact in making our world smarter, better and more sustainable.


Dutchmarq: pleased to be your business partner

In various roles: as program manager, trainer, sounding board or from a specialist role in support of realizing your growth ambition. The core strength of dutchmarq lies at the level of tactical governance and execution. How to refine the commercial strategy and roll it out in an effective, international manner?

DutchmarQ is your hands-on business partner to sometimes challenge your approach and assumptions and always gets to work to grow your business meeting your goals and ambition. Read here what our customers have to say about dutchmarq’s added value.

DutchmarQ solutions enable B2B companies to boost their international business. Driving measurable success in reach, traffic and business.

Dutchmarq services

Dutchmarq services consist of hands-on program management and training. We serve both dutch and foreign companies that want to grow their business in the Benelux and internationally.

Our services are based on the best insights from several disciplines: inbound sales marketing, sales enablement,digital marketing, marketing automation, program management and customer psychology.

Always with the aim to help the best B2B customers to be even more successful. With tangible, measurable results to prove the difference. Hence our claim: new marketing. proven in B2B.

Paul Hassels Mönning

Dutchmarq was founded by Paul Hassels Mönning end 2009. Paul brings well over 20 years of experience on the crossroads of B2B marketing, sales and IT. In various roles such as project- & programmamanager and marketing director with companies such as Capgemini, Philips and Fujitsu. Read more about Paul.

Network in B2B marketing

DutchmarQ is a network company in B2B marketing & sales. This provides both minimum overhead and maximum value to our customers thanks to a network of senior, experienced commercial professionals.


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