Deep insights about your customer start here…
in the first European buyer persona masterclass by Tony Zambito

Who is my customer in B2B?
What key insights make the difference?
What communications most impact his or her buying journey?


Masterclass conducted in English, central venue in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Buyer Personas are crucial to your commercial success!

Marketing supported by buyer personas results in a 124% more sales leads! (source: MarketingSherpa). Get to know your customer by drafting a buyer persona and answering questions like:

  • What journey does the customer complete in search of the right information?
  • What are the relevant touchpoints, what role does the competition play?
  • What elements does he feel are really important?
Discover the power of the buyer persona: how can you best use this concept to your advantage by applying buyer personas in practice. After this masterclass you as marketer will never take business decisions without having reseached and consulted your buyer persona’s.


Tony Zambito

What do you learn in Tony Zambito’s Masterclass Buyer Persona’s?

The ‘godfather’ of buyer persona’s – Tony Zambito – teaches you in a personal, inspiring way how to get a deeper insight in your customer. Both based on theory and by means of hands-on workshops. You obtain practical insights in amongst others:

  • The importance of identifying customer challenges
  • The basis elements of customer insights
  • How to conduct customer insights research and what conclusions to draw
  • How to interpret customer insights and translate this to buyer objectives
  • How to beter interpret customer behavior and to think from scenarios and journeys
  • How to apply this training in practice when it comes to marketing, content and sales strategies.


Who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass is designed for entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals in Marketing, Sales en Service who want to get to even more customer centricity in their companies (or the companies they serve). Buyer personas are valuable both for bigger, enterprise companies and for SMB/ small and medium sized businesses. Sofar professionals from various background and in diverse roles have registered including:

  • Marketing director
  • Head of Marketing Intelligence
  • Independent Advisor and interim manager in B2B Sales & Marketing


What does Tony Zambito have to say about his practical masterclass?

Watch the interview with Tony Zambito who tells you:

  • Why do buyer personas more than ever make the difference between failure and success
  • Why do small and medium sized businesses greatly benefit from the smart use of buyer personas
  • What to expect during this masterclass (including buyer persona certificate)



Do you believe that data-driven B2B marketing & sales can only be successful when based on as complete a picture of relevant customer insights? Do you want to achieve effective digital marketing & sales with the right ‘human touch’? Then the Buyer Personas masterclass lead by Tony Zambito is the right thing for you.


Upon completion of this masterclass you receive a Tony Zambito-signed Buyer Persona certificate. This proves your added value and credibility to peers, colleagues, customers and prospects when it comes to customer-centric marketing & sales.


Buyer Persona certificate
‘Early bird’ pricing applies. Make your reservation by March 25th 2015:

Prijs Zambito Buyer Persona Masterclass




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