Marketing automation, eg HubSpot

End 2009 DutchmarQ already touched upon HubSpot as inbound marketing solution. HubSpot now serves well over 10,000 customers in North America and Europe enabling B2B companies to better acquire online leads, deals and enthusiastic, loyal customers.

HubSpot – just like other Marketing Automation Platforms like Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua – enable B2B companies to better control the entire commercial funnel, thereby closing the loop between suspects and business.

Marketing ROI: ‘closing the loop’

HubSpot is an integral, proven software solution enabling B2B organisations ‘to close the loop’: what instruments in the marketing communications mix contribute relatively more to what kind of leads and contracts?

Does our organic findability render more value than SEA / online advertising or do social media marketing initiatives contribute most to success?

This forms the basis to achieving marketing ROI. And enables marketing and sales executives to increase their accountability. Online unnecessary in B2B Sales? (dutch whitepaper)? Hubspot proves the opposite.

Why HubSpot

These are HubSpot’s key business benefits:

  • prospects increasingly search online as Google ZMOT demonstrates: HubSpot enables you to boost your B2B website’s findability. This in turn results in higher awareness with relevant prospects markets of your company, products and services;
  • HubSpot optimizes the visitor-to-lead conversion by applying smart, user friendly landing pages that are designed to promote very best content your company and experts have to offer;
  • a clever way of following up on leads via (partly) automated ‘lead nurturing’ not only increases the power of your physical sales force and the conversion rate of leads into orders.
  • measurable marketing ROI by optimising the various elements of your online marketing mix including SEO, SEA, social, email marketing;
  • save time, frustration and effort by replacing the myriad of (free) online solutions available by one integrated software solution;
  • smart analysis and reporting features enable B2B marketeers to make smarter decisions, thereby increasing their marketing campaigns effectiveness and reducing the amount of ‘waste’ in commercial campaigns together with sales and service disciplines.


What exactly is HubSpot?

Watch this video (2 minutes) to find out what HubSpot is and does. DutchmarQ is one of of the first HubSpot business partners in the Benelux. Do contact us with your questions as to how HubSpot enables you to get more ROI on your marketing efforts.