All valuable ideas on Business Development 2.0 or what I prefer to call ‘Social | Green | Biz’ in B2B. That’s what this blog is all about.

Social. What value does New Marketing & Social Media bring in B2B? How does Enterprise 2.0 contribute to establishing and improving the dialogue with customers, partners and (future) employees in order to establishing long term, valuable relationships? Social also applies to the changing role of ‘the human factor’ in business. What does or could work 2.0 constitute for employers and employees alike? How can individuals and organisations better balance their respective needs in quest of individual happiness and corporate success? And what company forms and structures will flourish?

Green. The green revolution is all around. Customer advocacy is more and more dependent on a business’ ability to deliver sustainable products and services. Legislation and public sector appetite also propel the market to go green. Also, as a matter of speech, taking a fresh, ‘greenfield’ approach to business is imperative to guard off new entrants into your marketplace. Green therefore applies just as much to sustainability of products, processes and services as it does to fresh ideas, innovation and staying ahead of the grey pack.

Biz. Business needs to produce financially sound returns in order to be sustainable. How should businesses in public and private sectors alike navigate these social and green waters moving their business forward this 21st century? Where can organisations benefit from these changes? What are best practices or splendid examples of failure to draw lessons learned from? These questions (& more) define the scope of content and community for this blog.

With this blog I’m sharing interesting news, opinion makers encountered off- and online, as well as progress on my work experience, research and findings dedicated to these increasingly interrelated topics.