The elusive customer in B2B

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The definition of elusive [e·lu·sive] according to is twofold: 1) hard to express or define and 2) skillfully evasive: ‘a fish too elusive to catch.’

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Content Management in B2B: bridging company & customers

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Especially in business-to-business content makes all the difference. I’m not asmuch referring to the glossy corporate brochure or the annual report. Coming from corporate communications. I do refer to content coming professionals, experts. People of flesh and blood. Who excel at and are willing to share their vision on eg managed services in IT (the system architect), the most recent developments in corporate law (the attorney) or this month’s best insights in the world of new media (the B2B marketing consultant).

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Vacancy: Chief Content Officer


Content is king. Right?

Word-of-mouth is widely recognized as way more reliable than paid advertising. According to Seth Godin the future of marketing is in the content you create and distribute. “Be prepared”.

In a flatter, increasingly horizontal world meaningful content and expertise prevail over paid media. Content ensures buzz, recommendation, word of mouth. And indirectly sparks leads as well as business.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer one needs to needs to hear something 3 to 5 times about a specific company to believe that the information is likely to be true? This implies your content ‘fishing net’ needs to be substantial.

Lots of content work to be done therefore. Especially in business to business companies see the opportunities in content marketing. But what resources do we free to do this? Or will we recruit another intern to fill the gap? And what content will both grab our audience’s attention and is then shared amongst friends or peers in this age of information overload? Proper content can come from any department. Even from where you’d least expect it. With the best returns when done in cooperation between various experts and managers. The CCO | Chief Content Officer vacancy: open to any colleague.