The definition of elusive [e·lu·sive] according to is twofold: 1) hard to express or define and 2) skillfully evasive: ‘a fish too elusive to catch.’

Customers in business to business are increasingly elusive. They choose their own time, place and channel to orient, select and buy. Leveraging social platforms to obtain relevant recommendations as to what company to trust, and what experts to friend. Or unfriend.

The e-lusive customer
With customers (re)searching, reviewing, selecting and buying more and more online, one could speak of the e-lusive customer. These days, more and more B2B sales managers and marketing executives realize inbound marketing can play a pivotal role in building awareness and building relevant leads in their market populated by elusive customers and prospects.  The challenge B2B marketeers around the globe face therefore is not to throw more fishing nets i.e. advertising at the elusive customer. It’s all about finding the best possible bait: content, propositions and recommendations so appealing the elusive customer comes to you. Exclusively.


customer in B2B

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