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B2B Marketing Forum: 3 questions to Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe – well-known since his book Flip the Funnel came out – was one of the keynote speakers at this year’s edition of B2B Marketing Forum. Of course he shared his insights on the ‘flipped funnel’, but also on real customer centricity, customers that show their brand love via tattoos, Jaffe’s personal definition of a successful […]

Digital disruption is near, my B2B friends

In yesterday’s Financieel Dagblad-column Annet Aris – Fontainebleau professor of digital strategy – describes the imminent digital disruption’s impact on business-to-business. Sofar says Aris, digital impact in B2B has been much more limited than in B2C. B2B companies in her opinion are slower to change their behavior than individuals. And due to patents and intimate […]

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Braintips to make your B2B Marketing (even) smarter

Homo economicus does not exist. The human species – in B2B marketing too – is being driven by emotions. Neuroscientists and behavorial economists agree that man makes up to 99% of his (or her) emotions subconsciously, from the instinct. ‘The human brain hasn’t had a major software upgrade for the last 50,000 years’, said Peter Diamandis a […]

B2B Marketing Conference: stop underestimating emotion’s key role in B2B!

November 5th the B2B Marketing Conference took place in London (UK). Well over 200 marketeers gathered to discuss the pivotal role emotion plays in business-to-business. Great to see 200 peers agree to this fundamental insight, which is too often still overlooked or underestimated in B2B. This could well be one of your most promising new business […]

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The Science of Sharing: what emotions drive successful campaigns?

Successful campaigns often are driven by chance and luck rather than science. Most marketers and sales professionals prefer to work from the gut – and their ‘professional instinct – rather than the brain or thru facts. In a world that’s becoming more and more content-inundated, standing out from the clutter and making that right, emotional […]