Homo economicus does not exist. The human species – in B2B marketing too – is being driven by emotions. Neuroscientists and behavorial economists agree that man makes up to 99% of his (or her) emotions subconsciously, from the instinct. ‘The human brain hasn’t had a major software upgrade for the last 50,000 years’, said Peter Diamandis a few weeks ago at the Singularity summit in Amsterdam.

That applies to our prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain that’s responsible for rational thinking, as well as our linguistic ability. That part of our brain is relatively young. It’s that part of the brain that is put to an awful lot of work by marketeers, journalists, creatives and communications professionals via an excessive use of texts and other non-visual content.

Our old brain or reptilianbrain is much older, and really is in the driver seat of our key instincts. It cooperates closely with our limbic brain (emotions). It’s therefore essential to strike the right brain chord when reaching (and touching) relevant prospects and customers.

In this infographic (too bad they chose the midget font type as this is not ready for easy consumption by the human brain) you’ll find a number of tips in your B2B marketing or comms. In crafting your next blogposts, proposal, email update or e-book.

Customer Psychology in B2B



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