The online B2B marketing discipline continually changes at a rapid pace. The amount of terms and definitions may seem daunting to some, leading to digital paralysis. That may equally be the biggest risk in ‘going digital’: not starting. Those companies that are paralysed by the sheer magnitude of their digital transformation do not take on the challenge. And – as a consequence – do not reap the benefits of learning the digital trade step-by-step.

Earlier conclusions by IBM and Accenture about the lack of ‘digital skills’ resonate in the report ‘The Digital Talent Gap’ my previous employer Capgemini produced. That very report makes a plea for more, better and new forms of developing digital skills. Training not only needs to befit the digital strategy, the development of the right digital skills does not necessarily need to depend on training alone. The Capgemini report describes other opportunities such as leveraging the right partnerships, takeovers and incubators to accelerate the pace of developing the right digital skillset.

Recently I met with two dutch B2B companies that started to undertake their first, succesful steps in the digital domain a couple of years ago. Ever since, both organisations have placed significant emphasis on developing the right digital skills in order to drive their digital transformation. The right blend of IT and Business skills becomes increasingly important. In this digital journey, both companies emphasize digital colleagues’ curiosity, drive and stamina more than anything else as a key factor for making a difference. Their lesson for companies that have still to start their digital adventure? Start simple and do not immediately chase an A+. It’s way more important to make a start and learn from that. More information about these two companies – Planon en Quintiq – will soon follow on the to-be-restyled and integrated Molblog platform, engaging times and this blog.

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