Marketing automation solutions including Eloqua, Marketo en HubSpot promise to do their best in helping to ‘warm up’ prospects into qualified opportunities. The english expression B2B lead nurturing says it all.

Research shows prospects in business-to-business markets want to control their ‘buy button’ in up to 70% of their buying process. And do not want to be bothered by a phonecall (let alone a visit) by some eager account manager or sales representative.

Patience is of the essence and applies to business-to-business marketing and sales professionals alike. This can be done by ‘feeding’ relevant bits of content to the prospect. By informing, educating. Perhaps even by entertaining. That’s not yet about sales at all. Sound advice is.

Why I wonder would one end a lead nurturing email by mentioning a role description that shouts ‘I want to sell you something!’. Don’t you agree Senior Purchase Advisor or perhaps Executive Customer Consultant would sound a lot more pleasant?

How can you ensure your B2B online channel helps prospects and customers along in their buying journey? Download this free dutchmarq whitepaper ‘more revenue, by ‘less marketing’ in B2B.

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