When selling your products and services in B2B remains as cumbersome as shown in this video you do have an issue. The sales cycles in B2B of course tend to be a lot longer and more complex, (mutual) interests are more significant and the decision making unit usually is more diverse than going to your local grocery store around the corner.

In B2B and B2C alike, the process of ‘helping to buy’ however essentially is all about enabling the customer (or prospect) to confidently take the steps of a flight of imaginary stairs. In order for the customer to take steps in terms of preference, buy and loyalty. Selling in B2B therefore does not need not be rocket science.

The scenes in the video embedded in this post are over the top. In Business to Business however all too often there are easily one or more similarities to the examples shown. Professional services companies that are requested to provide ‘two consultants and charge only one’. IT vendors that are expected to integrate their new mobile app free of charge in the existing ERP software. Or – recognize the situation? –  a prospect with an ill-defined assignment running a series of ‘qualification workshops’ with a number of potential ‘business partners’.

Perhaps it’s worth your while to show this video on your iPad during a difficult customer meeting. Prevention however is smarter in B2B sales and marketing. Starting off by choosing the right customers. And by determining what value to create for them.

Want to know more? Download the DutchmarQ whitepaper ‘more enthusiastic customers, by less marketing in B2B?’.


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