Tomorrow is a special day to both Prince Prins Willem-Alexander and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. After a lifetime of preparation, he will start his new job as king. LinkedIn already properly congratulated our soon king to be to this career move as is shown below. 

A royal profile of course remains the privilege of a very small number of people. Having said that, all of us of no or less noble background can share a digital profile with as much royal allure.

The first impression counts, especially in the digital age. As a B2B company, have you set up a company profile with as enthusiastic followers as the House of Orange? Do your colleagues sport a clear, consistent profile on LinkedIn, twitter and other social profiles relevant to you and your stakeholders? And by the way, do those profiles include compelling, consistent photos and a clear call-to-action to an offer you as a team collectively recommend?

LinkedIn profile

* And of course I would like to join LinkedIn in congratulating our new king!

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