After a bit of a slow start (perhaps caused by the sudden snow), this year’s edition of TEDx Amsterdam took off at the proper impact and speed. It was not just the incredible Claron McFadden’s bird-like singing performance but speakers like mister ‘evergreen’ Peter Westerveld on re-greening the deserts that made the difference. In the end, TEDx should be a platform for ideas to share, flourish and find their way to become reality in some shape or form. Whereas most people would stress other people’s adoption of ideas, Alef Arendsen stressed the need to start with yourself. People only do those things they really like to do. In terms of spreading products and services in sustainability, companies need to stop playing the guilt – ‘the world is coming to an end’ – card. And should adopt proven marketing concepts based on the ‘me first, then the world’ principle.

Last year my blogpost on #TEDxAMS touched upon this very topic and called for ideas to be taken to the next level. Good stuff this year’s edition also called for ‘ideas worth doing’. I look forward to experiencing the 2011 edition. To those interested in ideas taken to the next level of fruition, please check out this TED nephew.

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