An excellent customer experience lays the foundation for higher conversion rates and healthier revenue.

Amazon is the perfect example of this. Its massive growth has been driven in no small part by its painless one-click payment system and excellent customer service. is a fine example of great customer experience. This company’s ongoing phenomenal growth is largely due to delivering the ultimate (online) customer experience. Closer to (dutch) home Wehkamp and Coolblue set their standard. Schuberg Philis to me constitutes a fine business to business example of consistently delivering the ultimate customer experience.

This infographic [source: Monetate] shows that a staggering 73% of customers would repeatedly buy from the retailer having had a superior customer experience. In contrast, an ever greater number of 89% would turn their back on a business after a bad customer experience.

In B2B the online customer experience is not just limited to the company website or chat. It’s the individual employees’ responsiveness to questions and eg their expertise shared in blogs and videos that matter too. This is sometimes referred to as Social Selling. It is the use of social media in the entire sales process to better help the prospect and customer in his (or her) customer journey.

The infographic also visually makes clear how to start moving the offline customer experience online as well.


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