Online marketing: start simple


The online B2B marketing discipline continually changes at a rapid pace. The amount of terms and definitions may seem daunting to some, leading to digital paralysis. That may equally be the biggest risk in ‘going digital’: not starting. Those companies that are paralysed by the sheer magnitude of their digital transformation do not take on the challenge. And – as a consequence – do not reap the benefits of learning the digital trade step-by-step.

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Curse or blessing in disguise: Google’s puts SEO searches in blackbox

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Bad news for all those who prefer to be top of Google’s search results without having to pay for Google adwords. As of last week Google made all organic search traffic invisible. Information as to what are the most frequently used search terms in a certain language or region (aka keywords) will be put in Google’s blackbox from now on. At first sight that seems to be a great loss. Or could Google’s move perhaps also be seen as a blessing in disguise?

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Gut, feel, act

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Stop, think, act. This key motto from my very first scuba lessons in Australia kept resonating in my head, a few years ago off the Costa Rica’s west coast. My dive buddy, a german underwater cameraman sporting mega fins and an even larger ego, had disappeared. The strong current made it impossible for me to follow him. And he was too busy do his own thing to notice. Unfortunately I happened to be at 25 meters depth.

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Marketing 2020: creativity or science?

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Completing the Marketing 2020 survey proved to be a time-consuming chore last week (probably its completion felt to last at least 30% longer due to the tropical circumstances). However, the questions addressed some very interesting topics and thereby enticed me to complete the full questionnaire.

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The internet: past, present, future

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“People do not fully grasp or get the internet”, says Pim van der Feltz (managing director Google Benelux) in the June edition of Emerce magazine. The internet continues to develop at a rapid pace. Looking back and comparing the internet ‘then and now’ is interesting. Developing some understanding as to how the internet may evolve is even more interesting. This provides a basis for understanding as to how business-to-business companies can better reap the opportunities that occur in the digital channel as a results of the evolving internet.   Read more